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• Up to 60% Finance Penetration
• Sell More Service Contracts
• Shorten Customer Trade Cycle
• Improve Customer Satisfaction
• Process Sales Within Seconds
• Customized Commission Management Tools
• Industry Leading Customer Support

Partner with the Best in the Industry
IntelliPayment is the automobile industry's leader in biweekly payment products. Our state of the art payment processing center is on the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our customers get the highest degree of efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy. With the most highly educated and experienced customer support teams in the industry, we work relentlessly to maintain a customer satisfaction level which is second to none. Our extensive experience with high volume transactional payment plans gives us a distinct advantage. Partner with IntelliPayment's winning team knowing that you and your customers will get the best service in the industry and you will maximize your revenue. IntelliPayment is AutoPay The Intelligent Way.

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Join our rapidly growing list of dealers from across the country that earn significant additional revenue and improve customer satisfaction by offering the convenience and savings of the Intellipayment biweekly plan. Sign up today.