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• No Up Front Costs
• Saves on Interest Charges *
• Accelerates Equity
• Shortens Loan Term
• Convenient Automatic Payments
• Automatic Payments Ensure Good Credit
• Increases Vehicle Trade In Value

How it Works...
IntelliPayment is the leading provider of biweekly payment products for the automobile industry. Our service debits customers' accounts every two weeks and automatically pays their lenders, yielding significant consumer benefits. Because these withdrawals occur biweekly, additional prepayments will be made to the loan's principal balance. Biweekly payments result in 26 half payments per year (13 full payments per year, as opposed to the traditional 12 monthly payments). We work seamlessly with any lender.

Customize Payment Options to Fit Your Budget
Customers have been rapidly welcoming IntelliPayment's unique and fully customizable biweekly payment solutions. With our biweekly payment plans, customers shorten the length of their loans, save on interest, accelerate their equity, and customize payment scheduling to best fit their budget. IntelliPayment is AutoPay the Intelligent Way .


*Savings on interest charges apply only to loans with non-zero interest rates.